New Art Films offers small businesses, artists and arts organisations a range of options for short videos

that showcase your company, art work or event.

I make short films that are beautiful and emotional because I believe that's what makes them effective.

As one half of directing duo bigtv I’ve made a series of award winning music videos and TV commercials and I recently finished co-directing the independent feature film, ‘Beautiful Darkness’, starring Aidan Turner and Chloe Sevigny.

I work with a talented group of technicians - editors, art directors, make-up artists, stylists, sound engineers and location managers - whoever's needed to make the film exceptional.

I have a very specific aesthetic - use natural light wherever possible, dispense with large crews and always get authentic performances from people.


I work in three sizes, small, medium and large - let me know your budget and lets figure out how to maximize it. I’ll be there from concept to casting, from location search to editing.


Give me a call and let’s get started.


Call Andy on:

0780 320 3681