New Art Films offers small businesses, artists and arts organisations a range of options for short videos

that showcase your company, art work or event.

Whether it’s a film showing how your product is created, a social media ad or a profile piece, we’ve got it covered.

We make films that are short, snappy and beautiful - because we believe that's what makes them effective.


New Art Films was set up in 2016 by Andy Delaney, an award winning director of music videos and TV commercials.

Andy has just completed post-production of an independent feature film, 'Look Away'.

We work with a talented group of technicians - editors, art directors, make-up artists, stylists, sound engineers and location

managers - whoever's needed to make the film exceptional.

We have a very specific aesthetic - use natural light wherever possible, dispense with large crews and always get authentic

performances from people.


We work in three sizes, small, medium and large - let us know your budget and we’ll figure out how to maximize it.

We’ll be there from concept to casting, from location search to editing.


Give us a call and let’s get started.


Call Andy on:

0780 320 3681